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World of Warcraft: Latest News

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We will start this article with a news that will please bookworms. The book World of Warcraft: Exploring Azeroth: Kalimdor is available for preorder on Amazon for $20.65. The book, written by fang and feather will be available on October 15. Readers will follow the adventures of the famous hunter Rexxar, his animal companions and Zekhan the Horde Ambassador. Our heroes will travel through Kalimdor and give the readers a unique point of view on this mostly savage region of Azeroth, where the force of the Horde and the Alliance have found refuge. Fans of the video game franchise will learn interesting pieces of information and lore about World of Warcraft by the end of the book.

Unbridled Darkness or Demon Hunter Simulator is the third Torghast bonus Event and will be available on March 9. This event will bring a new feature to the game; you will get a vial of darkness thanks to your first Anima Power. Activating that vial will turn your screen dark every 5 kills and will prevent you from seeing your surroundings. Entering this state will increase your damage, healing and movement speed. The only way to exit this state is to kill more than five enemies. Spells are important for that event and some of them are directly associated to it such as: Uncontrolled Darkness, Darkness Rising, Darkness Fading, Vial of Unbridled Darkness and Flask of Unbridled Darkness. Several Anima Powers will allow you to empower Unbridled Darkness; the full list is available on Blizzard official website.

Lastly, the Darkmoon Faire Profession Quests are available until March 13. There are some tips to know before starting those quests. The 10% WHEE! Buff will increase your reputation and experience gains by 10% during 1 hour. Use this buff before turning in weekly quests for maximum benefits. As a bonus, the Inky Black Potion will unlock the dark mode in Shadowlands and other regions of the game, try them for a nice visual effect. Goldpiles.com offers the best prices for gold in WOW.

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