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Story Of Dirty Hari Movie

If you plan to watch a good erotic thriller, you should look no further because the best OTT Telugu platform is streaming Dirty Hari. This film was a directorial return for the director M. S. Raju. After eight years, he made this film, and his last film was TuneegaTuneega featuring stars like SumanthAshwin and Rhea Chakraborty. The film Dirty Hari was also written by M. S. Raju, who had developed the film based on Match Point. This is a Hollywood film that stars Scarlett Johansson in Nola Rice and Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ role in the role of Chris Wilton. The film is not an official remake because even though the entire story is similar, there are certain moments where the story diversifies. You can watch movies online HD like Dirty Hari because the story is amazing, and even the dialogues are spot on.

The producers of the film are Guduru Siva Rama, Guduru Sai Puneeth and GuduruSateeshBabu. The film has been highly acclaimed because of the direction, performance of actors, and music and cinematography. It was the sensualizing music and the artistic depiction of activities projected by cinematographer M. N. Bal Reddy and the music director Mark K. Robin respectively, which enhanced the eroticism of the film. It features Shravan Reddy as Hari, Ruhani Sharma as Vasudha, Simrat Kaur as Jasmine, Surekha Vani, and Jabardast Mahesh. This film is considered to be one of the best thrillermovies online in the year 2021.

The story is about three characters mainly that are Hari, Vasudha, and Jasmine. Hari is a highly opportunistic and ambitious man living in Hyderabad and wants to accomplish great success. He also aims at achieving a lot of wealth, and to do that; he takes the shortcut of marrying a rich woman. Vasudha, who is a good woman, belongs to a wealthy class. Eventually, she falls in love with Hari, who pretends to be a good man in love with his wife. Things go very romantic between the couple, and there are many hot scenes between the married couple.

However, the story’s entire romantic angle changes into adultery and illicit external affairs when Hari comes in contact with his friend Akash’s girlfriend, Jasmine. Unlike Vasudha, Jasmine is a bold woman trying her career at acting but is failing to do so. She tries to seduce Hari, who in turn does not reject her advances. Jasmine is a contrast to the character of Vasudha because she has many bad habits that are considered toxic behavior. Although she is in love with her boyfriend Akash, she still clings to Hari to provide her with sexual warmth.

As it is known in most of the stories which depict external affairs and other illicit affairs, these affairs lead the main character to the wrong path. You can watch movies online HD like Dirty Hari to experience the tragedy that most illicit external affairs lead to. The ending is quite interesting, and you will be glued to the screen if you are watching this film.

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