Urban Planet Games NBA 2K21 – NBA 2K League The Turn Tournament Begins On July 14th

NBA 2K21 – NBA 2K League The Turn Tournament Begins On July 14th

NBA 2K21 – NBA 2K League The Turn Tournament Begins On July 14th post thumbnail image

NBA 2K21 The Turn is a four-day tournament that’s part of the NBA 2K League. The tournament starts on July 14th and has a $260,000 prize pool.

NBA 2K21 fans have a new NBA 2K League event to follow. We are talking about The Turn. This tournament is sponsored by AT&T. It will last for four days starting with July 14th. All 23 NBA 2K League teams will be taking part in this tournament that takes place online. The teams will be playing from the headquarters.

A Few Things to Know About NBA 2K21 The Turn

NBA 2K21 The Turn is an event that follows the best of three game series with single elimination format. The winners in each series go to the next round. The regular season win percentage determines the seed for this event. Teams from the 10-23 seed compete on the first day of the tournament. At stake is the advancement to the bracket of 16 teams from the 1-9 seed. This bracket will be playing on the second day of the tournament, July 15th. The quarter finals are played on the third day. The finals are played on the fourth day. All games begin at 18:00 ET. You might want to check what that means in your local time if you plan on watching the live games. Speaking of, NBA 2K21 The Turn games are streamed on NBA 2K League’s YouTube and Twitch channels. You can also catch them on ESRevolution. European fans can check out Sport1 and Dash Radio. If you are in India, you can watch it on Loco. The broadcaster for Southeast Asia is eGG network. We also have four tiebreaker scenarios. These are: average points during the normal season, average points differential for the normal season, conference win percentage in the normal season, and head-to-head record. The prize pool for the NBA 2K21 The Turn is $260,000. The winner gets $117,000. The rest is divided between the second to eighth places. The second team gets $52,000. The third and fourth teams get $22, 000 each. The rest of the teams get $ 11,700 each. Prizes for viewers and fans are available too. This event is the second one in The Banner Chain event. The First tournament was The Tipoff. The third and last one is The Ticket. NBA 2K21 The Turn will have the Archetype Ban mechanic. An archetype is a combination of skills and attributes. Players have five archetypes to choose from for their position. This mechanic makes things more challenging and interesting.

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