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Mind-blowing thriller movies streaming can experience In-home

Mind-blowing thriller movies streaming can experience In-home post thumbnail image

Some individuals prefer to enjoy green tea & relax on winding off after a busy day. Many individuals like rock climbing & skydiving to blow out any steam. There’s also a third category of individuals involving you—who like the thrill of a great scare no only need to quit the sofa to get everything. That’s why we’re offering you whatever you expect with the great nail-biting movies online. To inspect the locks and doorways to ensure they’re shut, switch all the light switches on, and relax on the corner of your couch as you’re in with a crazy trip.

1- Dirty Hari                                                  

Dirty Hari is the 2020 Indian Telugu-language romantic thriller movie written & directed by M. S. Raju. The script is focused on the 2005 International psychological thriller movie Match Point featuring Scarlett Johansson. The movie is produced by Guduru Siva Rama, GuduruSateeshBabu&Guduru Sai Puneeth, underneath the production label of SPJ Creations. The characters are Shravan Reddy, Ruhani Sharma &Simrat Kaur.

Story: Hari (Shravan Reddy) is a determined individual who is going to settle in Hyderabad to render it huge. He finds the rich woman Vasudha (Rushani Sharma) and falls for her. Although in this situation, Hari is often attracted to Vasudha’s brother Jasmine’s sister (Simrat Kaur). It opens a new twist in the narrative, and Hari begins a relationship with Jasmine. What kind of difficulties did Hari encounter in his martial living? How would he maintain the marriage?

The movie’s production quality is the highest quality because visuals are sleek and beautifully displayed. The cinematography is really fine, as well as the manner in which all the lovemaking scenarios are filmed is outstanding. Dialogues are decent and specific reference must be given to the production of the movie, as the setup of the movie is also very sleek.

2- Anaganaga o athidi

The filmmaker K Balachander is a very well founder of twisted relationships. His movie universe helped audiences think of guilt & goodness, and he was noted for his powerful, grey-shaded actors and his surprising twists. The storyline of Anaganaga O Athidhi, the recreation of a Kannada movie, Aa KaraalaRatri, seems like a perfect Balachander preparation on screen.

Story: Mallika character is played by Payal Rajput as a small-town woman who is living through an economic downturn with the family. It’s often the moment she gets to realise whether her luck is about to improve by an astrologer. As days pass, an individual called Sreenivas (Chaitanya Krishna) reaches her house and improves things around her. Then that storyline of desire, cheating, and cruelty begins. Who the hell is Srinivas? Why would he go over there? And what adjustments are going on in Mallika’s daily lives? This is what the movie is based on.

In certain parts, the supportive community is also great. The fundamental moral regarding money & how everything ruins your future is well featured in the movie.


These were the best two new Telugu movies online based on thriller genre for adventurous movie lover & freaks.

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