Urban Planet Escort Know the Thin Line between Prostitution and Escort Service

Know the Thin Line between Prostitution and Escort Service

Know the Thin Line between Prostitution and Escort Service post thumbnail image

If you are under the idea that escort service is all about being physical, then you are wrong. Do you have any idea what was the role of courtesans way long back? It was not only about physical relationships but about being a well-groomed, educated companion. Today, the meaning of escort is very much the same incorporating all the modern requirements. Now, this should change your outlook toward escorts. They are basically beautiful, educated ladies with amazing personalities with whom you can spend some quality time. These days, plenty of ladies have taken up this profession for some reason or the other. 

The difference in the professions

Most people have an idea that both professions, i.e., prostitution and escort service, are the same. To some extent, it may be true but not entirely. Here are certainly major differences you should make a note off:

  • A prostitute is usually approached only for fulfilling sexual desires, while escorts are hired basically for the purpose of entertainment.
  • Prostitutes are paid only for having sex, while escorts are paid for their glamorous look and their company to various destinations. 
  • Prostitution is illegal as here they indulge in sexual acts for money. But an escort is usually a companion. Here you make the payment for companionship and not for sex, though sometime it may be involved; hence it is legal.
  • While hiring a prostitute, you are not allowed to make any selection. But when going for an escort service, you can select an escort as per your desire.
  • You can easily hire a prostitute from the streets or any brothel. Hiring escorts is something professional, and you can hire them either through escort agencies or any website publishing classified ads.

So, we can conclude that in our society, escort service is considered much better than prostitution. In the high-class society, educated men always prefer to hire escorts which is a sophisticated way of getting companionship during their leisure hours. 

Checkout the classified ads posting websites

If you are based in Hawaii and interested in booking an individual Hawaii escort, then it is recommended that you look for the websites publishing the classified advertisements. These are informative sites that sell only the space for advertisements and have no connection with the escorts. Here, the experienced escorts who have detached themselves from the agencies put up promotional ads along with their pictures and videos for you to go through. All you need to do is carefully look for and select as per your requirement and their popularity rating. 

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